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Megan Gnad

Paul Childers

Naked Poetry

Paul Childers’ debut release, NAKED POETRY is an album that breaks all the rules – in all the best ways.

The 22-year-old Nashville-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, blends Pop, R&B, and Soul into unique and masterful tunes that work as well live as they do blasting through your speakers.


Due to his love of designer suits, Childers has been described as embodying a Clark Kent-style that adds to an olde-world presence and touch of nostalgia.

Yet, he’s quick to challenge any stereotypes with a line-up that moves easily from an R&B vibe to a Motown groove, all while focusing on songwriting and skilful guitar playing.

Music Pulls You Through opens his first offering with an easy groove that is soon matched with the equally fun, The Art of Being Twenty.

Emma is an impressive number that moves from soulful vibes to explosive electric guitar riffs and dynamic playing that pays homage to his heroes, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hendrix.

This is cut next to the sentimental, No One Goes Dancing Anymore, as well as the piano-driven, pop-friendly, Disclosure.

If you’re looking for an artist who isn’t afraid to break the mould and successfully merge all your favourite styles into one, look no further than Paul Childers.

With a commercial element that never veers too far from originality, and stories that evoke what it means to be vulnerable and authentic, he manages to fuse much-loved musical styles into an infectious new rhythm.

A rare and impressive talent set for big things.